Vaseline® Teams Up with Malta House of Care for Mended Murals Initiative

Malta House of Care is proud to announce their partnership for the Mended Murals initiative by Vaseline®, a groundbreaking campaign dedicated to restoring street art and promoting skin health awareness within marginalized communities across the country. As part of the brand’s continued efforts to achieve skin health equity, the Mended Murals project is a multi-city initiative that uses art restoration as a method to shed light on the importance of caring for skin of color and underscores the need for increased access to skin health resources for underrepresented communities.

Mended Murals launched on December 7, 2023 and VaselineBrand® selected to restore Hartford’s iconic “Star Gazing” mural by artist Corey Pane and support the Malta House of Care’s mission to provide essential healthcare services and to mobilize volunteers, partners, and donors to improve the overall health and well-being of uninsured adults in Greater Hartford by providing free primary care health services. The mural, located on Asylum Street, serves as a testament to the power of creativity and community and features Pane’s family and friends engaged in various artistic pursuits. The mural inspires young people to dream and create and as part of the restoration project a QR code was integrated to provide community members with information about access to skin health resources.

“We’re honored to be selected by Vaseline® and be a part of their Mended Murals initiative,” said Dianne Auger, Executive Director of Malta House of Care. “This initiative preserves cultural heritage and promotes skin health equity in our community. We are grateful to have Vaseline® as a partner.” As part of their commitment, Vaseline® has donated $50,000 to Malta. This financial contribution will support Malta House of Care in its mission to ensures that uninsured adults in Greater Hartford have access to free primary care services and skin health resources.

To learn more about the Mended Murals initiative and nominate a mural for restoration, visit Together, let’s celebrate creativity, community, and skin health equity!