Although Malta honors just a handful of official “Wonder Women” each year, we certainly know there are Wonderful Women in every family, every school, every workplace and neighborhood. Pay tribute to your own Wonderful Women by making a $150 gift to Malta in their name. Please help us celebrate all Wonderful Women!

In Memory

Kathryn Larter Britton
by Dr. David Schnatz

Marie Herbst
by the Herbst and Sanzari Families

Claire Hill Larter
by Dr. David Schnatz

Jung Hee Ursula Oh
by Tony and Jodi Oh

Edith Hubeler Schnatz
by Dr. David Schnatz



In Tribute

Dr. Pauline Olsen
by Susan Yankus and Friends

Julie Elizabeth Schnatz Rybeck
by Dr. David Schnatz

Carolyn Larter Schnatz
by Dr. David Schnatz