Malta House of Care exists because of volunteers – people who share their gifts to advance our mission. Our volunteers are truly the heart of Malta.

That’s why, in 2018, we created the “Heart of Malta” award. The highest honor a supporter can receive, this award is given to those who eminently embody the values at the heart of the Malta mission and passionately demonstrate a commitment to its goals.

Honorees are selected annually by the Development Committee of the Malta House of Care Board. They receive a heart-shaped Simon Pearce glass paperweight etched with the words: “You are the Heart of Malta – Thank you!”

The Heart of Malta honorees are:

  • 2020: Non-Medical Volunteer Kathy Corbalis and Medical Volunteer Dr. Brad Wilkinson, for their extraordinary gifts of time and treasure over the past 10+ years.
  • 2019: Rev. Michael Whyte, Pastor, and the parishioners of Saint Catherine of Siena Church of West Simsbury, for their constant support and boundless financial generosity to Malta
  • 2018: Robert Voight, who helped to launch Malta in 2006 and serves as Board Chair and de facto CEO