For 2nd Year Straight, Malta Earns Top Honors from NAFC

For the second year in a row, Malta has earned the highest-possible honors for its standards of care from a pre-eminent national group.

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC), a highly respected trade organization that represents about 1,400 charitable clinics nationwide, awarded Malta the 2021 Gold Rating for its quality-of-care standards.

“To be recognized in consecutive years by the NAFC means a lot, in that it speaks to the quality not only of our processes and practices, but also of our people,” said Brian J. Sheehan, Chair of the Malta House of Care, Inc. Board of Directors. “This honor really belongs to our wonderful staff and volunteers, who are collectively Malta’s beating heart.”

“NAFC’s mission is to ensure the medically underserved have access to affordable health care,” said Nicole Lamoureux, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the NAFC, based just outside Washington, DC.

Its quality standards include policies and procedures related to:

  • Planning and managing care;
  • Tracking and coordinating care;
  • Identifying and managing patient information;
  • Measuring and improving performance
  • Enhanced access and continuity of care;
  • Providing self-care support and community resources; and
  • Administration

“Each year, about 2 million patients receive care at one of our 1,400 clinics throughout the United States,” said Lamoureux. “The participation from our members in this program demonstrates their commitment to providing quality care to the people in their communities who are medically underserved.”