The Malta House of Care staff includes full- and part-time employees who oversee and coordinate the van’s daily operations; ensure consistent communication; secure Malta’s individual and institutional donations, including a large number of grants; and cultivate and nurture community partnerships.

Tracy Brennan, MD Tracy Brennan, MD
Interim Medical Director
Michelle M. Murphy Michelle M. Murphy
Executive Director
Pamela Addley, RN Pamela Addley, RN
Clinical Consultant
Kathy Corbalis Kathy Corbalis
Advancement Assistant
Emily Howard Emily Howard
Medical Assistant
Olga Poznyur Olga Poznyur, APRN
Nurse Practitioner
Yoaida Santana Yoaida Santana
Part-Time Medical Assistant
Vilma Barillas-Chang Vilma Barillas-Chang
Part-Time Certified Medical Interpreter
Victoria Carnes, RN Victoria Carnes, RN
Clinic Nurse
Jennifer Faubert Jennifer Faubert
Research and Development Associate
Joan Rishel, PA-C, CDE Joan Rishel, PA-C, CDE
Part-Time Physician Assistant
Lauryn Conroy, APRN Lauryn Conroy, APRN
Nurse Practitioner; Health Coach
Vanessa Hernandez Vanessa Hernandez
Medical Assistant
Ron Nimro Ron Nimro
Part-Time Van Driver
Lillian Ruiz Lillian Ruiz
Medical Assistant/Patient Navigator