On December 7, 2023, the Board of Directors and staff of Malta House of Care joyfully gathered to celebrate the holiday season alongside five of the original founding members of Malta House. The seeds of Malta House of Care were planted in 2004, when a group of Hartford-area community leaders affiliated with the Order of Malta recognized the urgent need to address disparities in healthcare access and quality in the Greater Hartford region. Their unwavering commitment to the mission of serving the sick and poor led to the inception of Malta House of Care. Now, two decades later, their dedication and innovative approach have resulted in over 77,000 patient visits, a testament to their enduring legacy. In the photo, we see five of the visionaries whose mission continues to inspire our work today.

From Left to Right: Brien Horan, Dr. Pauline Olsen, Ronald Jarvis, Peter Kelly, Sr., and Jean-Pierre van Rooy