Discover the latest happenings at Malta House of Care! Our newsletter is out, packed with stories of resilience, community impact, and the vibrant spirit of care. Dive into the heartwarming articles that reflect the essence of our mission.

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  • Meet Our New Executive Director: Learn about the inspiring leadership that’s steering Malta into the future.
  • Welcoming Dr. Angela Stein – Our New Medical Director: Explore the expertise and dedication she brings to our clinic.
  • Gratitude to Our Stellar Staff: A heartfelt thank you to the incredible team making a difference every day.
  • Appreciation for Our Valued Partners: Recognizing the collaborations that amplify the impact of our care.
  • Cigna’s New Mental Health Partnership: Unveiling our initiative to address mental health challenges with Cigna’s support.
  • Patient Stories of Triumph: Real testimonials that showcase the transformative power of accessible healthcare.

Explore how your support transforms lives and communities, one compassionate act at a time. Join us in celebrating the power of accessible healthcare.