A message from Brian Sheehan, Malta House of Care Chairperson
August 2022


Today I am writing to share with you, as our most important partners, exciting news about the future of Malta House of Care. Our board search committee has completed an extensive search for an Executive Director. After receiving over 70 inquiries and conducting personal interviews with several candidates including board and staff, the MHC board has confirmed the appointment of Victoria (Vicki) Veltri as Executive Director. She came on board a few weeks ago and has made an immediate positive impact with 

her optimism and energy – the kind of energy that inspire others to get involved, reach out to others, and make a difference.

Vicki has served as the Executive Director of the State of Connecticut’s Office of Health Strategy (OHS) since its formation in 2018.  She served as chief policy advisor for former Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman and at the State of Connecticut’s Office of the Healthcare Advocate, where she spent five years as General Counsel and five years as the Healthcare Advocate serving individuals and addressing systemic healthcare issues.

As a longtime supporter of the mission of the clinic and a leader and advocate for state efforts focused on access to high quality, equitable, and inclusive health care, Vicki has a breadth and depth of knowledge that complement her passion for the wellbeing of the people of Connecticut. With your generous support, Malta House of Care has made steady progress in providing critical primary healthcare to an uninsured and underserved patient population in the greater Hartford area for nearly 16 years.  We welcome Vicki and look forward to her leadership in continuing our service to those in need.

Best regards,


A message from Vicki Veltri, Executive Director


Hello Friends of Malta,

This is where I want to be.

I believe healthcare is the most critical system impacting Connecticut residents, our communities, and our economy. Underpinning everything I’ve done, is about forwarding high-quality, affordable, healthcare. I’m proud to call Connecticut home and was honored to serve in state government for the past 16 years. Although my state work sought to improve lives from a policy standpoint, I wanted to work at the grassroots level, where I could touch the people in need – Malta House of Care is that place.

The Malta executive director position requires passion for people, people who historically have been underserved and need access to top notch, equitable primary care. This position is also about passion for the team and passion for the community, because to sustain Malta for the future, the clinic and its work will need to be woven into every part of the communities where it serves patients. Whether in East Hartford, my hometown, or the entire Greater Hartford region, the future of Malta requires a passionate leader who brings an advocacy and equity lens, leadership skills, development skills, and the instinct for and success in finding solutions to any challenge. Those are the skills I am determined to apply in the role.

Through your ongoing generosity and personal belief in Malta’s mission of care, for nearly 16 years, the lives of thousands of individuals and their families have been positively impacted. The need is great, and we face many challenges. However, our commitment to our mission is strong.

I invite you to join with me in this journey.

With gratitude,


Vicki Veltri, Executive Director