Donate to Malta today to be part of our exciting Building Blocks program!

A beautiful, modern brick-and-mortar facility on the campus of St. Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown Hartford! This site will be in addition to our mobile clinic that will continue to visit underserved neighborhoods in Greater Hartford. And YOU can memorialize your role in the life of the Malta House of Care by contributing to our Building Block Program at the new facility.

Each donation will be honored with one of our beautiful Lucite® Building Blocks that will adorn the walls and corridors of the Malta House of Care clinic. It could be your name, your family’s name, or in memory of or to honor a loved one.Won’t you continue the mission with us and help every adult in the Greater Hartford area enjoy a life with one of the basic building blocks—primary healthcare—so they can work, care for family, contribute to the community, and LIVE HEALTHY?

To reserve your Malta Building Block visit our Building Blocks page!