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About the Malta House of Care Mobile Clinic

The MHC Mobile Clinic enables volunteers to support underserved communities in the Greater Hartford CT area; bringing healthcare to underserved populations; facilitating patient care management; improving medical interpretation; addressing health literacy; and aiding in navigation of the health care system; resulting in a continuing positive impact on health services in Greater Hartford. The primary benefits of our medical services are: detection and treatment of medical problems, education of patients, and prevention through appropriate screening and lifestyle modifications. Our patients are healthier, more informed about their medical needs, engaged in their on-going healthcare, and grateful that the Malta House of Care is here for them.

The Malta House of Care, Inc. is an innovative and unique community asset: a mobile health clinic providing completely free, primary health care services including diagnostic testing and pharmaceuticals to the uninsured of the Greater Hartford Connecticut area. We believe that everyone is entitled to primary health care without discrimination. In 2006, a group of concerned community leaders established and continue to operate the Malta House of Care, a non-profit clinic which is supported by the fundraising efforts of the Malta House of Care Foundation, Inc., also a non-profit organization.


IMG_0040We seek volunteers to assist in the areas of direct medical care (primary care on the van and pro bono specialty care in your own practice), social services, information technology, and administration. The mobile clinic is staffed by volunteer medical professionals (with active licenses, all covered by federally supported malpractice insurance) and is open at four distinct sites Mondays (St. Rose Church in East Hartford), Wednesdays (St. Peter Church in Hartford) and Thursdays (St. Augustine Church in Hartford) from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. and Tuesdays (Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Hartford) from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. each week. Since opening day in 2006 our volunteers have provided over 35,000 patient visits. In addition to primary care exams, testing and x-rays, medications needed for the care of each patient are provided at no cost to our patients who cannot afford them. Such an effort involves a mixture of patient demand, structural organization, competent management and active participation of volunteers from the health care and social service fields, as well as a cadre of lay volunteers. The challenge in making this work is in engaging, retaining and growing the volunteer group. We have discovered that our volunteers have been thoroughly excited about their respective participation, have sought others to join with them and support the effort with time, energy and, in some cases, funds.

We also seek volunteer assistance in administrative and IT tasks, such as preparing a monthly newsletter, press releases, web site updating, grant applications, planning special events and other communications and marketing materials.

Volunteers 1Our volunteers make an enormous and positive difference in the lives of some of the neediest among us. In addition to direct service on the van, the internet makes it possible to work from your home for as many hours as you would like in some of the administrative areas noted above….please know that all of your professional contributions will be greatly appreciated!

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Complete the form and mail it to:

Malta House of Care, Inc.
19 Woodland Street • Suite 21 • Hartford, CT 06105 • (860) 725-0171
Please contact our Medical Director, Dr. Theresa Caputo, at

Volunteer Opportunities: We Seek Your Help!

Health Care Providers

• Physicians, Primary Care—serving on the van
o Specialist Physicians—pro-bono services, either in the Malta office or your own
• Nurses
• Dieticians/Nutritionists
• Physical Therapists
• Diabetic Counselors
• Pharmacist

Social Service Providers (MSW, LCSW)

• Referral Coordination
• Case Management

Information Technology

• Database Management
• Website Design and Maintenance


• General Office Assistance
• Grant Writing
• Grant Research
• Special Event Planning
• Public Relations/Press Releases

Click here for the Malta House of Care Volunteer Application

Complete the form and mail it to:

Malta House of Care, Inc.
19 Woodland Street • Suite 21 • Hartford, CT 06105 • (860) 725-0171
Please contact our our Medical Director, Dr. Theresa Caputo, at