Malta House of Care

Our Patients

From our patients…in their own words…

“I lost my job and consequentially I lost my medical insurance and I ran into a major problem because I was one of the patients of a major hospital where I was operated for circulation and cardiac problems. And I did not receive treatment nor received any of the medication that I urgently needed. But thanks to God and to some good friends I learned about Malta House of Care Mobile Clinic that provides completely free health care services to all the persons needing them without any distinction and I am one of those patients.

The reason of my letter is to thank wholeheartedly all the medical personal, the auxiliary and all persons working in the Malta House of Care and that they continue doing this for a lifetime.

May God bless you and continue to guide you to continue helping all those humans that need it.”



“I patient of Malta House of Care testify that at the beginning I came to the clinic and I couldn’t walk. I am grateful for the medical assistance in general but I’m especially thankful to two doctors that took care of me, prescribed medications of which helped me to walk today.“



“By means of the present, I testify that the entire Hispanic family is very grateful for receiving the services of Malta and to all the institutions that facilitate the prescriptions. Therefore I am very grateful and I suggest do not stop helping us.“



“By means of the following I write to you with the purpose to express my gratitude for the care that I receive especially in the way that my breast cancer was detected by means of the mammography that the ‘Casa’ Malta authorized in time giving me a second life. This clinic provides excellent medical services dedicated to the uninsured.”



“We are grateful to you for the health services that you have given me since it was due to economic reasons that I was not able to take care of myself. I am a grandmother that takes care of my four grandkids and must be their pillar. I can’t get sick since my children work and are trying to better themselves. As you will see the care or services you give me multiplies for more people who are the future of this great country. When I talk about the services is as much administrative (warmth and tenderness in how you take care of us), the doctors trying to find out what is wrong with us and the pharmacy who provides the medications that help us get better.  May you all receive our blessings, that you may have health and other objectives in your life in order to continue supporting us.“



“I am a MHC patient for a period of one year 9 months. I want to say that I am very grateful because MHC has been the economic solution of my home and of course the Angel that God placed in my way for my healthcare. Two years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. I am a single mother, but thanks to the invaluable help of the MHC I can comply with my financial obligations in a correct way. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, thanks to each and everyone of the persons, Doctors, Nurses, Aids, secretaries, etc. To all who are part of MHC don’t lose hope and don’t stop helping people like me that need from you so much.”



“Through this small piece of paper, I want to thank The MHC program for the great help they provide me. Since before I knew about this foundation and not having insurance, I paid too much for consult and medications. I had to wait two to three weeks to gather the amount needed to pay; sometimes I would purchase one medication, the rest as I was unable to. I have asthma, high blood pressure. Thank you so much Malta House.”



“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing medical services and a prescription that I need to function in my every-day life, free of charge. I was treated with kindness and graciousness which I appreciated so very much. I recently lost my medical insurance coverage and at my age, 51, it was devastating. I have dealt with depression for years and at times I have been hospitalized. My greatest fear is becoming very ill or having an accident and eventually losing my home. It has been difficult for me to ask for help and MHC is one of my many angels helping me through a tough time. Please express my thanks to organizations that provide funding how grateful I am. My income is very low but my life is good.”



“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Malta House of Care. Your name reflects your house where those who need can come for help. I have been obese all my life. I wore a girdle in the 5th grade. I always wanted to regain some of my health back. I have been going to the doctor ever since 1984 when I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. My primary doctor never confronted me about my weight. When I lost all of my medical care privileges, I turned to Malta House of Care. When a Malta House of Care doctor and his nurse confronted me about walking, I decided to do it everyday. Since I’ve been seen here at Malta House, I have dropped 86 points, Cholesterol down to 200, Glucose level at 112, lost 13lbs, blood pressure down to 176/82, which before it was 210/105. I walk daily, I have changed my eating habits. Instead of ordering food from the grill, I eat a fresh fruit, nut, yogurt, fresh veggies, chicken, fish and I have almost dropped the corn bread. By the way, my cholesterol was 286, now 200. Thank you, Malta House of Care.”



“I am grateful for the services received at Malta House of Care. The Doctors and personnel are very helpful and caring. I thank God for the medical assistance, because thanks to this program I am alive.”



A Message from A Grateful Patient

I am writing to you from my heart. I know that people probably ask you for money all the time, but please read on to listen to my story. I am writing to you, because I think it’s very important.  I will give you a little history of myself and what The Malta House of Care has done for me.

I am a diabetic and when I lost my last job in 2007, I no longer had medical insurance and could not afford it.   I was an uncontrolled diabetic spiraling downward.  In March of 2008 I developed an infection.  I had to go through an emergency room at John Dempsey Hospital.

My infection required emergency surgery which in itself was tricky due to my high sugar, high blood pressure and high heart rate.  I came out of the surgery okay but was kept in the hospital to get all the other issues under control.  They were wonderful to me.  My health came before the money which tells me they cared.  They got me on State Insurance and if they did not pay they had a donation program that would pay for my hospital bill.  They could not stress enough that I needed to have medication to control my diabetes.  They gave me a prescription and as much as they could do for me.

Again, I could not afford to see a doctor and get medications.  I am self supporting and live paycheck to paycheck. I again became an uncontrolled diabetic.  In August of 2008 I was working temporarily.  One of my fellow co-workers found out about my diabetes and said you are coming with me.  You need to take the day off from work. She took me to a site in Hartford (Connecticut, where I live). She introduced me to Malta House of Care.   They are a non-profit organization that provides medical care and prescriptions, blood work, and x-rays for free.  I was crying that day.  One of the caregivers put her arms around me, hugged me and said you are going to be okay, we are going to take care of you.

She was right…I have been unemployed since March of 2009, collecting unemployment and still under their care.

patient alyce and dr  olsen color

Dr Olsen and Alyce

I had a setback in November 2008.  I kept falling down…they sent me for tests and found I had nerve damage in my legs due to the diabetes and I had to start walking with a walker.  It was hard for me just to take a bath but I never asked for help because I am stubborn and am determined.  I had lost a lot of weight and no longer had muscle mass in my legs due to the diabetes.  It is now August 2010.  I only walk with a cane when I have to, but I still have issues with my legs and considered handicapped…it has been a rough 2 years but my sugar is almost where it should be.  I take insulin, and many other medications associated for preventive issues for my diabetes. They got 2 pharmaceutical companies to provide me with my insulin and other med free for a year due to my income.  Since I have been going there a lot of faces have changed since the doctors donate their time to see patients.  This organization cares about people. Because I could not walk up and down stairs, they used to bring me a chair to sit outside.  She asked me to be patient she wanted to read my file and would be back up.  There are stairs to go up on the Mobile unit.  She didn’t make me walk up those steps, she sat with me, took my blood pressure, wrote prescriptions and talked with me.

This organization has been overwhelmed with patients and needs money to keep providing the free care that they do.   I am still with them and will be until I can get a job, which has to be soon as unemployment will run out. People don’t like hiring handicapped people.

If you are going to give to a charity, please find it in your heart to donate to them.  Their presence is needed here in Connecticut.  They don’t discriminate against anyone, young, old, black, white, Hispanic, families.  They are here to help people who have no medical insurance.

They saved my life literally, and a lot of other people’s.  There have been times they could not see new patients, due to funds.  Again, please find it in your heart to help all the people in Connecticut to continue get the medical help they need from Malta House. Anything you can do will be appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.