Malta House of Care

Welcome to Malta House of Care

Our mission is to provide free primary health care to the uninsured. We deliver that health care through operation of a mobile care vehicle that has a fixed schedule in four distinct neighborhoods across the City of Hartford. Coupled with coordinated communication efforts at schools, homeless shelters, parishes and churches, community outreach and ready access to those who are most in need is assured. The Malta House of Care Mobile Medical Clinic has been key in responding to the plight of the uninsured in the Greater Hartford CT region for the past ten years. Through a dedicated cadre of physician, nurse and non-medical volunteers, the Malta House of Care Mobile Medical Clinic has provided over 40,000 patient visits over that time period with 2,000 individuals identifying Malta House of Care as their only medical home. We have received special recognition as a major source for the provision of safety net health services in the Greater Hartford Region. This is evidenced by the recognition we have received from the Hartford City Council and the Office of the State of Connecticut Healthcare Advocate, as well as being selected as Connecticut’s Ashoka Green Mountain Coffee Changemaker representing the best example of social responsibility and achievement. We are grateful for the strong financial and in-kind support we receive from all corners of our community. Most importantly, our impact is gauged by those who are most in need: through the profound gratitude of individual patients who now experience access to healthcare and the resulting positive health outcomes.

Our Background

In 2004, not satisfied with waiting for policy reform to address disparities in the access to and delivery of primary healthcare in the Greater Hartford region, a group of concerned community leaders, Knights and Dames of the Order of Malta, established and continue to operate the Malta House of Care free Mobile Medical clinic. The Malta House of Care, Inc. (MHC) and the Malta House of Care Foundation, Inc. (MHCF) are 501c(3) non-profit organizations with the MHC providing medical services and the MHCF providing funding to support clinic services. Our organization began with an enthusiastic board of founders and a small cadre of volunteers but has grown, evolving into a grass-roots community resource. The Malta House of Care Mobile Medical Clinic (MHC) opened its doors in 2006 and has thus far provided over 37,000 free patient visits through a volunteer staff of over 40 physicians, nurses and non-medical volunteers.

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